Wordy Wednesday? Nah. Weary Wednesday!

I’ll keep this short, as I am running on two hours of sleep and I’ve been up since four am! Weary-and in need of your help!

Adventures of being in love: when your Darling somehow scratches her cornea in her sleep, you get to drive her to the Emergency! At least that five hundred dollar copay is being shelled out for something legitimate and not something like an errant car hair.

However, both my Darling and I are so done we’re burnt toast. So I am crawling into bed with her and going to bed.

What I need from you, my friends, is your help. Give me a book to read and review!

I have a Kindle and the local library, as well as the house library, at my disposal. Suggestions? Comment or email me!


Week in Review: 21 of 52

Week in Review: 21 of 52

Author’s note: posts work much better when one remembers to actually hit “post” rather than leaving things in the draft to languish.

What a week! After a brief visit to the Emergency Room, I was thrown a little off my game. I didn’t get any writing done this week. Zippo. None. Zero. Bubkis. Zilch. Nuffin’. 

I have planning done, four pages of it. But I don’t count that in my word count. So I am still at 11,020. But I am hopeful for this week.

A lot on the hook at the moment as well! My current list of active projects is a little… lengthy:

  • Super Snuggle Queen Sized Blanket for my Darling, made with Bernat Blanket yarn
  • Queen-sized blanket for my Brother in earth tones
  • Giant ripple throw for my Sister in Law in blues, greens, and purples
  • Boho Wedding Blanket I’m making for my lovely wife to be and I
  • A throw for my friend Traci
  • An ombré blanket in yellow, green, and blue for my friend Dan
  • A shawl for myself in purple and copper
  • The insomnia blanket I work on when I can’t sleep
  • Baby blanket for incoming Baby F. being made as a corner to corner in a beautiful Reef variegated yarn
  • Baby blanket for incoming Baby B. made from a Bernat pattern in bright pink and purple
  • Baby blanket for incoming Baby J. Thus far, yarn and pattern are yet undecided
  • Throw for my cousin
  • Ocean wave throw for my friend Dana
  • An overdue winter hat for my writer friend
  • A crochet jacket a la Molly Weasley I’ve been wanting to make for forever
  • At least three other things I have likely forgotten about and have stashed somewhere.

So that’s this week in Review! Now I realize why there is a yarn buying moratorium currently. Heh.

Hopefully, the extra day off will prove a little more productive!

Wordy Wednesday Went Wonky!

There should be a short story here. Instead, I’m just going to tell you I spent seven hours in the Emergency Room. I am home now, obviously, but have a doctor’s appointment in the bright and early.

So! Sorry the malfunctioning meatbag got in the way of a short story, but with a blood sugar of over 400, it was hospital or coffin, basically. I even, quite unfortunately, had to leave work early. Ugh. 

Oh well. Until nex time, blogosphere! I hope to have a little something written for you lovely people posted on AO3 later this week. Potterhead forever!

-slowly walks away, humming Hedwig’s theme, only to trip over air-

Week in Review: 20 of 52

Wowzers, what a week!

I got knocked down by some of the continuing adventures of the malfunctioning meatbag, a.k.a. my own body was fighting me, on Tuesday, so it was a bit of an interesting week. Work dragged a bit, but man were the Muses biting this week.

I’ve gotten about five hundred words written on this week’s short story. I’ll be alternating weeks of short stories and book reviews for Wordy Wednesday from now on. The book I was going to review just hasn’t caught me, and I’m four chapters in. I’ll try and get through it anyway. Maybe it will pick up?

For the word count update, I’m up to 11,020 words so far! More to come, as I hope this week will prove far more productive and less… plagued by illness as last week was. I’ve no update on the Gradient Throw I’m making for my Sis-in-Law, as I have not taken pictures. Whoops. I’ll work on that.

I’ve work in the morning, and it’s getting a wee bit late, so I and my Darling are off to bed.

May your tea be warm and perfectly brewed and your Monday be full of laughter!

Belated blogging…

Sorry I didn’t post anything yesterday. Been fighting being sick, recovering from food poisoning, and being a wee bit angry.

Why am I a wee bit angry? Well, I have an issue that has no cure. One I’ve been dealing with for most of my life. It crops up especially when I get stressed out. I didn’t know it had a name, though: fibromyalgia.

I’ve got a rant being posted on my personal blog later today. 

Hopefully, there will be a proper post before Sunday.

Catch you later, rock stars!

Week in Review: 19 of 52

Holy Toledo, what a week! Not much writing-writing done… sort of? I got the personal blog up and running. And not much else  but a whole lot of drafting of story sheets, outlining, and polishing. I did knock out that one short story on Wednesday. Go me!

Word count total for this week is 9,762. Woo hoo! If I keep this pace up, I’ll be caught up in no time at all.

As for on the hook, more progress has been made on the blanket for my sis-in-law.

Slowly but surely, it grows.

I’ve also brought an old hobby back on board as my anxiety has been kicking me in the teeth. Since sketching in a sketchbook at work would both be detrimental to my focus and frequently interrupted, I returned to an old favored medium: the postal envelope.

This week’s creation is thus far uncolored.

Well, that’s all for tonight. Again, I am squeaking in just before midnight. That trend is unlikely to change.

I go now to snuggle my Darling and try to sleep.

May your Monday fly by quickly and the coming week present a wonderful surprise. Let’s hope week 20 is even more productive!