Wordy Wednesday: A Review of ‘The Tide’

Wordy Wednesday: A Review of ‘The Tide’

I have Kindle Unlimited, to both help my budget as I try to go back to college (at 32!) and to keep the small space in which I live as clutter-free as possible. Now, I would never dare to call a book “clutter”, but when bookshelves are bending to smile under the weight of their contents… well, it sends one to pause. I re-homed a good two dozen to various friends and family in the last purge of material goods. Another three boxes worth went to charity or the Library at work. And since I was gifted a Kindle by an old friend (hi, Dana!), I’ve been burning through what non-pirates ebooks and favorite fan fiction.

Ebooks are a newer source of reading for me. I will likely ever prefer the analog version of most texts. But what would I have done with my spare time had I not discovered Anthony J Melchiorri’s writings?! 

I don’t want to know. I just devoured the first in a series of his, The Tide.

The featured image on this post is the cover as displayed by Amazon.

As for the book itself: Do you like zombies? Well-written dialogue? Not completely cracked science? Fight scenes and did I mention the not completely implausible science? People being bad ass and scared and realistically written? Boy, should you read The Tide.

Written in a well-paced, limited third person, The Tide tells the start of the end of the world. It focuses on a few primary characters, connected by blood or bond. There are mercenaries, questionsable government dudes, and a chick that I kinda want to be, were I not already twice her age. The monsters make me want to learn to shoot a gun, just in case. And the plausibility of something like this occurring is frightening. Fucking prions, man. Jeeze.

I’m literally typing this review on a cell phone screen, so the idea of the world suddenly going technology dark and WiFi-less is almost as scary as the infection-riddled hoards for me.

I didn’t want to stop reading The Tide, and immediately downloaded it’s sequel. I highly recommend it and what I’ve read of the second book in the series. 

I will look forward to buying the analog version for myself come my gestational escape anniversary at the end of this month.

Five out of five stars, Mr. Melchiorri, which I do not award lightly.


Wordy Wednesday? Nah. Weary Wednesday!

I’ll keep this short, as I am running on two hours of sleep and I’ve been up since four am! Weary-and in need of your help!

Adventures of being in love: when your Darling somehow scratches her cornea in her sleep, you get to drive her to the Emergency! At least that five hundred dollar copay is being shelled out for something legitimate and not something like an errant car hair.

However, both my Darling and I are so done we’re burnt toast. So I am crawling into bed with her and going to bed.

What I need from you, my friends, is your help. Give me a book to read and review!

I have a Kindle and the local library, as well as the house library, at my disposal. Suggestions? Comment or email me!