Wordy Wednesday: A Review of ‘The Tide’

Wordy Wednesday: A Review of ‘The Tide’

I have Kindle Unlimited, to both help my budget as I try to go back to college (at 32!) and to keep the small space in which I live as clutter-free as possible. Now, I would never dare to call a book “clutter”, but when bookshelves are bending to smile under the weight of their contents… well, it sends one to pause. I re-homed a good two dozen to various friends and family in the last purge of material goods. Another three boxes worth went to charity or the Library at work. And since I was gifted a Kindle by an old friend (hi, Dana!), I’ve been burning through what non-pirates ebooks and favorite fan fiction.

Ebooks are a newer source of reading for me. I will likely ever prefer the analog version of most texts. But what would I have done with my spare time had I not discovered Anthony J Melchiorri’s writings?! 

I don’t want to know. I just devoured the first in a series of his, The Tide.

The featured image on this post is the cover as displayed by Amazon.

As for the book itself: Do you like zombies? Well-written dialogue? Not completely cracked science? Fight scenes and did I mention the not completely implausible science? People being bad ass and scared and realistically written? Boy, should you read The Tide.

Written in a well-paced, limited third person, The Tide tells the start of the end of the world. It focuses on a few primary characters, connected by blood or bond. There are mercenaries, questionsable government dudes, and a chick that I kinda want to be, were I not already twice her age. The monsters make me want to learn to shoot a gun, just in case. And the plausibility of something like this occurring is frightening. Fucking prions, man. Jeeze.

I’m literally typing this review on a cell phone screen, so the idea of the world suddenly going technology dark and WiFi-less is almost as scary as the infection-riddled hoards for me.

I didn’t want to stop reading The Tide, and immediately downloaded it’s sequel. I highly recommend it and what I’ve read of the second book in the series. 

I will look forward to buying the analog version for myself come my gestational escape anniversary at the end of this month.

Five out of five stars, Mr. Melchiorri, which I do not award lightly.