Sunday Supplemental: Cost of Health

So. Percy the Painful Endometrial Polyp isn’t getting evicted right now.

Because I do not have $3,500 to throw at a hospital. It’s $500 down payment, plus $43 for a co-pay, in addition to the $644.39 I already paid to my doctor’s office. And that is just to get them to schedule the procedure.

So I am frustrated, angry and headed towards furious because I will continue to be in a hell of a lot of pain until I can afford to get this fixed. I am low on spoons and not writing as much as I could.

I’ve had to prioritize functionality and let Camp NaNoWriMo fall by the wayside in hopes of being able to keep up on day to day tasks. 

It’s a game of chess. Sacrifice a pawn here to move a rook safely; shift a knight backwards to keep hold. It should be noted that I am absolutely terrible at chess, but love enough to have a purse-sized travel board that I carry with me. And! To continue the cheese chess gag: Percy will be checkmated, sooner or later. 

I will keep going. I will work on getting the situation resolved. And I will strive to get back into my blogging schedule. But, like wearing matching socks, I can make no promises.

Love, laughter, and light is the motto. All the best, my lovely readers.


Week in Review

Week in Review

Hello, everyone!

I’m alive. Rough couple of weeks, but I have a great update to my word count! And I’ve changed my hair color. Colors? Whatever. I’m a unicorn!

Word Count update: 44,888. Isn’t that a lovely number? 

There’s been so much going on here as of late. More blanket making, a pair of babies born, and a nerdy wedding! Not mine, but two dear women I both call friends joined names and hearts in a delightful ceremony.

My fibromyalgia gremlin, now nicknamed Francis, has been handing me my metaphoric arse for several weeks now. And I’m still low on spoons, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Percy, the Endometrial Polyp, will be evacuated on the 27th of this month. Woo!

But now I need sleep, as I’ve been working nine days straight and have another five until a day “off”.

Love and laughter, y’all!  

Sucker punch: The Cost of Surgery

I posted a quick rant on my personal blog. But the skinny of it is that, to get my endometrial polyp removed, I have to pre-pay for the surgery.


Before the procedure. 

There’s something wrong when the after insurance cost is still kissing the underside of a grand. It could be worse. I know this. I could have NO insurance. But I’m allowed to be frustrated. Because the pain I deal with every day, outside of the fibromyalgia, won’t abate until Percy is gone.

I’m frustrated and just a little hopeless right now. I know it’ll get better. I’m just freaking out to the point of aching chest, shaking hands, and a quick crying jag in a stall in the ladies’ room right now.

I’m going to have a cup of tea and take a minute to breathe. I will deal with this mess properly after work.

Week 23 of 52: many accomplishments!

Week 23 of 52: many accomplishments!

Wowie! Up to 14,073 words now, with more to come.

Two books to review this week, so keep an eye out for those. There will be a second Wordy Wednesday post this coming week to make up for the migraine induced Miss from this week.

And! Two baby blankets done, another 3/4ths of the way there. 

Add to that the tea-having adventure, four hours of overtime I’ve worked today, and all the other little victories… I feel accomplished as hell. I even made an audiologist appointment to deal with the whole hearing issue I’ve been having.

In other news, Darling’s cornea is healing well and life is puttering back towards normal. 

And I was gifted a pet shirt, of the Star Trek variety. Which I immediately put on Spock. No regrets.

I’m for bed, but I hope everyone else’s coming week is wonderful.

Week 22 of 52: busy but a bit stagnant.

I’m at 11,020 words for the second week in a row, but I do have other accomplishments to boast this week! Two visits to the Emergency Room, because my Darling managed to scratch her cornea OFF, somehow. Worked a full day, after the second ER visit running on fifty two hours without sleep. I think, all told, I was awake for sixty eight hours with a cumulative total of three hours of catnaps cutting through it.

Not fun.

In other news, my Darling is on the mend! And there is much rejoicing in the household because of it. And during the six hour wait in the Emergency Room, I knocked out nearly half of one of the blankets!

So, yay for productivity! And during other sleepless hours, I finished the blanket for the still-percolating Baby W! This was a corner to corner done in Red Heart’s Reef verigated yarn and a solid brown for the border.

I am also about a quarter of the way through Dot Hutchison’s “The Butterfly Garden“. The review should be up on Wordy Wednesday, so long as I’ve finished it by then.

There’s so much to do, this week; but I hope I get some writing squeezed in there. The surgery consult to evict Percy the Endometrial Polyp is Tuesday. And Darling has a follow up optometrist appointment after work tomorrow. Have to work up a new budget for the cost of meds and surgery, as well as to rebuild savings.

I’m exhausted. Anyone have some spoons to lend? I’m for bed now, but I’ll catch y’all on the daylight side.

Wordy Wednesday? Nah. Weary Wednesday!

I’ll keep this short, as I am running on two hours of sleep and I’ve been up since four am! Weary-and in need of your help!

Adventures of being in love: when your Darling somehow scratches her cornea in her sleep, you get to drive her to the Emergency! At least that five hundred dollar copay is being shelled out for something legitimate and not something like an errant car hair.

However, both my Darling and I are so done we’re burnt toast. So I am crawling into bed with her and going to bed.

What I need from you, my friends, is your help. Give me a book to read and review!

I have a Kindle and the local library, as well as the house library, at my disposal. Suggestions? Comment or email me!

Wordy Wednesday Went Wonky!

There should be a short story here. Instead, I’m just going to tell you I spent seven hours in the Emergency Room. I am home now, obviously, but have a doctor’s appointment in the bright and early.

So! Sorry the malfunctioning meatbag got in the way of a short story, but with a blood sugar of over 400, it was hospital or coffin, basically. I even, quite unfortunately, had to leave work early. Ugh. 

Oh well. Until nex time, blogosphere! I hope to have a little something written for you lovely people posted on AO3 later this week. Potterhead forever!

-slowly walks away, humming Hedwig’s theme, only to trip over air-