Week in Review: 24 of 52

No Emergency Room visits this week! Whooo-hoo-hoo! And my birthday is less than two weeks away. Double the fun, as I turn 32!

17,293 words written so far, with more to come as the newest brain-munching plot bunny allows.

Two baby blankets have hit completion. The one for Baby B is in my lap now, awaiting the last three rows and its border.

One of this distractions from writing this week was my trying to figure out how to finish my Associate’s Degree, finally. A pair of married friends from work, as well as my ultra friend Jamie and my lovely Darling, have been very supportive this week as I dealt with the various academic shenanigans. 

More information to come as I am able to find out more. Hopefully I am able to secure financial aid and complete my last four classes. Pray for me.

Book-wise, my Kindle has seen me devour no less than five books in the last three days. All The Tide series. Payday will get me purchasing all of them in Kindle. And perhaps a hard copy to give as a holiday gift this Yule? In any case, reading has been a great escape in sleepless hours. As ever, when the stars shine behind thunder-filled clouds, I can’t sleep. 

There’s a storm on the horizon now, actually. More metaphoric than literal, as I plan to start my memoir of transient times. I have no title, as of yet, but my Camp NaNoWriMo project is basically a vaguely organized chronicle of my years being homeless and/or transient. The ordinary adventures of train hopping and shelters and the good times that one can have, even at the bottom of the barrel. Kindness, as ever, can be found anywhere.

Well, I have a baby blanket to finish! Happy reading, my friends. And please let me know if you have any further book or author suggestions.

And as it is Pride Month, the anniversary of the Pulse shootings, and an all around troubled time, please remember my inbox is always open. 

Blessed Be!


Wee Hours

Wee Hours

Quite often, when midnight is well past, I am awake. Either awakened by the antics of one or more rambunctious felines or by my own mind, awake I am. Just the continuing adventures of a meat popsicle.

In all seriousness, I’ve been an insomniac since I was a child. Preteen, hell, pre-grade school. It started out as hiding near the bedroom window, reading and rereading the stories of a girl going down the rabbit hole and through the looking glass. Coping mechanism of a rather lonely child, I suppose. 

Now, it is more sleepless nights surfing social media and devouring multi-chapter fanfics as the minutes tick closer to the alarm going off. Oh well. There are some damn good fanfics out there. And what better way to pass sleepless hours than meditating or reading? I’ve not found any better yet.

Alice and her curious nature still donget me through some of my rougher spots. Or good ol’ Johnny-boy (John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, if you wonder who I mean) if I want a bedtime story I can whisper-read to the cats by salt lamp light. 

I should try to rest, I suppose. What with work in the morning. My Darling sleeps soundly beside me. Snoring gently, a cat snuggled into the blanket burrito that she is. Another of the yowling trio sleeps on my feet. Not actually sure which Bombay kitty it is, nor am I inclined towards movement to find out.

The alarm goes off in less than an hour. I will pray for a nap. Happy Friday, dear readers. 

Should it rain, may it do no harm to your gardens.