Wowie! Up to 14,073 words now, with more to come.

Two books to review this week, so keep an eye out for those. There will be a second Wordy Wednesday post this coming week to make up for the migraine induced Miss from this week.

And! Two baby blankets done, another 3/4ths of the way there. 

Add to that the tea-having adventure, four hours of overtime I’ve worked today, and all the other little victories… I feel accomplished as hell. I even made an audiologist appointment to deal with the whole hearing issue I’ve been having.

In other news, Darling’s cornea is healing well and life is puttering back towards normal. 

And I was gifted a pet shirt, of the Star Trek variety. Which I immediately put on Spock. No regrets.

I’m for bed, but I hope everyone else’s coming week is wonderful.


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