Week 22 of 52: busy but a bit stagnant.

I’m at 11,020 words for the second week in a row, but I do have other accomplishments to boast this week! Two visits to the Emergency Room, because my Darling managed to scratch her cornea OFF, somehow. Worked a full day, after the second ER visit running on fifty two hours without sleep. I think, all told, I was awake for sixty eight hours with a cumulative total of three hours of catnaps cutting through it.

Not fun.

In other news, my Darling is on the mend! And there is much rejoicing in the household because of it. And during the six hour wait in the Emergency Room, I knocked out nearly half of one of the blankets!

So, yay for productivity! And during other sleepless hours, I finished the blanket for the still-percolating Baby W! This was a corner to corner done in Red Heart’s Reef verigated yarn and a solid brown for the border.

I am also about a quarter of the way through Dot Hutchison’s “The Butterfly Garden“. The review should be up on Wordy Wednesday, so long as I’ve finished it by then.

There’s so much to do, this week; but I hope I get some writing squeezed in there. The surgery consult to evict Percy the Endometrial Polyp is Tuesday. And Darling has a follow up optometrist appointment after work tomorrow. Have to work up a new budget for the cost of meds and surgery, as well as to rebuild savings.

I’m exhausted. Anyone have some spoons to lend? I’m for bed now, but I’ll catch y’all on the daylight side.


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